Remove the Rubble

For at least seventy years, people have cried for a change in our political system but nothing has worked to accomplish that change. No matter how many people voted, what party they belonged to, or which candidate they voted for, the quality of our political system just kept going downhill. It has declined to the point that Washington is now populated by liars, thieves and morally bankrupt perverts.

Unless this decline is stopped, our country will soon devolve into a tyrannical police state governed by a Marxist-socialist dictatorship.

Our government can be likened to a structure, such as a wall, that is broken and falling down because it is no longer structurally sound and the plaster is cracked beyond repair. Such a wall cannot be fixed – it must be rebuilt. The first step is to tear down the old wall and remove the rubble so that a new wall can be built in its place.

In the past, voting, attending rallies, waving signs with pithy sayings and signing petitions has done nothing to make the politicians change their minds about ruining the government. So what can we do other than to take up arms in a violent revolution? The answer would be to rebuild the walls of our government.

7 Things you can do to “remove the rubble” of our broken-down government

1.   Register to vote – but indicate that you have “no party affiliation”.

2.   Vote for the candidate of your choice on any line other than Democrat or Republican.

3.   Never vote for an incumbent – for any office, at any level of government.

4.   Never vote for a lawyer – for any office, at any level of government.

5.   Never vote for anyone that has a degree in “political science” or “international studies”.

6.   Do not accept a job for any agency of the federal government. If you already have such a job – quit.

7.   Do not join any branch of the federal military. If you are already in the military – quit. (the Federal Military includes the militarized agencies such as: FBI, DHS, FEMA, ATF, TSA, DEA, etc. It also includes state & local law enforcement which have all become part of the federal military).

This would definitely clear the rubble and leave us with the solid foundation of the Constitution upon which to rebuild the walls of our government.

Unfortunately, the decline of our government did not happen in a vacuum, nor did our politicians come from outer space. They come from, and are a product of our society, our culture, and our institutions. These, along with all other aspects of our lives, will have to be torn down and rebuilt.