Time Shall Be No More

Ahh… life is good. Luxurious, serene, quiet – very quiet, here in the corner office of the top floor.

Turning from my desk, I look out over the Jardin Botanique, and across the lake to some of the most beautiful country in the world. In the distance I can see the Alps and my gaze follows southwesterly along the glorious vista of those snow-capped cathedrals. Turning a bit further, I can see, almost directly beneath me, the Rhone as it meanders its way through the population control center of Geneva.

It’s been a long time coming, though, and there were times when even the early visionaries thought the goals would be impossible to achieve. But they fought on because they knew they were at the very brink of time; that the very future could change because of the choices they made and the goals they set. Goals of people living in peace with each other and in harmony with the Earth. A future of not being terrorized, hated, or killed because of beliefs, life-style, or skin color; of the Earth being renewed and revered instead of being abused and destroyed. At least, that’s what we told them because we knew they would not understand that their definition of those goals was not the same as ours.

We saw “peace” as global governance with total control and care of every individual on the planet. In order to “renew the Earth”, the population would have to be reduced by about ninety per-cent and moved off of the land and into population control centers.

At the beginning there were some (many, actually) that would not believe, would not see the wisdom in that new future. The work of convincing them was almost overwhelming but decades of indoctrination, propaganda, inculcation, and re-education started to turn the tide. We also realized that we couldn’t have them thinking too long or too hard because they might come to a decision which we did not find acceptable.

Thus, the work shifted from the logical, ethical, and moral aspects of human idealism to the easily manipulated realm of an individual’s perception of their own physical and emotional well-being. Fear is, of course, the best tool to accomplish that task and so began the killings; riots, hi-jackings, suicide bombings, beheadings, mass murders, wars, uprisings, insurgencies, and insurrections. Fear led people to believe they could not possibly defend themselves against such horror so it was easy for them to give responsibility for all aspects of their defense, safety, and security to the government. Government control of the health-care industry was the only possible remedy for the rise in sicknesses, diseases, and plagues. Small economic collapses brought people to rely solely on the government for food, clothing, and shelter. Large scale collapses caused mass migrations and blurred national boundaries. Terror perpetrated in the name of ideologies and religions forced all nations to criminalize all faiths and institute a single, world-wide religion.

Now, after all of the years of heartache and struggle, the work is almost finished. There are, though, a number of people that refuse to accept their place in the global community. A few just hate the idea of government and the common good and are determined to live a life of personal freedom and liberty. That won’t last long, they are being hunted down and will be eliminated soon. Most of the rebels, however, are religionists – mostly Christians and Jews – that refuse to give up their belief that their God is coming to save them and to establish His kingdom here on Earth. They won’t last long, either, for all the armies of the world are now gathering together in the Valley of Meggido to crush their opposition. Then the plan will be complete and the world, the future will be mine.

Unless those religionists are right.

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